What People Are Saying: Disciple-Making Summit 2024

by Feb 15, 2024

Our recent Disciple-Making Summit has left a big impression, and we’re thrilled to share some of the positive things guests are saying about it. This event was all about helping people understand what it means to multiply disciples and equipping them to do just that. Let’s dive into the uplifting feedback we’ve received!

One guest said the Summit was “amazing” and helped him realize the importance of making disciples: “When I got home, I felt like I have been asleep up until now. I’ve finally woken up and understand so much better the mission and calling to make disciples, not just participate in discipleship. Thank you for opening my eyes.” Many others felt the same way, realizing they’ve been missing out on this vital mission.

People came to the Summit eager to learn and weren’t disappointed. One attendee shared that it fulfilled their deepest desire to learn more about our calling to be and build disciples of Jesus.

It’s heartwarming to see people coming back year after year. One person who attended last year is already making plans to come back in 2025, which speaks volumes about the Summit’s impact: “This was an outstanding event. Being together with like-minded people was such a blessing. I am thankful God led me to this event. I want to come again and bring more from my church to start and develop this kind of teaching.”

The worship sessions were a big highlight, creating a welcoming atmosphere where attendees could connect with their faith on a deeper level: “The worship was outstanding. From the first note, I could sense the Holy Spirit moving all of us in one accord.” Others described the worship as “excellent”, “powerful”, and “incredible.”

Every aspect of the Summit, from the speakers to the music, was top-notch, according to feedback. Attendees loved how everything came together to create a meaningful experience: “I feel this every year. Many conferences do not know what they are trying to accomplish, and you hear many different messages with differing objectives. At the Disciple-Making Summit, there is one clear message and heartbeat across all main sessions and breakouts. You can’t leave not knowing why you were there and what your next steps are.”

Cross-congregational interactions were also a big hit. Attendees loved getting to connect with people from different churches and even from different countries and learn from each other’s experiences.

In summary, the Disciple-Making Summit was a powerful experience that left a lasting impact on many who attended. From the inspiring worship sessions, powerful teaching, and the meaningful connections made, it’s clear that this event is making a difference in the lives of those who participate.

We hope to build on and improve the Disciple-Making Summit experience each year for our guests! Contact us at info@impactdisciples.com with comments, suggestions, or ideas for 2025!

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