Disciple Making in the Dominican Republic

by Mar 7, 2019

After spending a week of training pastors and leaders in disciple making, I can tell you that the Church in the Dominican Republic is hungry to make disciples. Rarely do you find so many leaders as interested and excited about making disciples as I saw this week. The potential for disciple making  in the Dominican is incredible. Reflecting back over my experience here are a few observations I made about disciple making in the Dominican Republic.

First, disciple making works everywhere! When Jesus said, “…make disciples of all nations,” He gave us a plan that would work in every nation and every culture. Making Disciples is not a North American concept, a Middle Eastern concept, or a Latin American concept. Disciple Making is a global concept that works in every country and nation. Jesus-style disciple making works everywhere if we are simply willing to do it the way Jesus did.

Second, disciple making works at anytime! When Jesus told His disciples to make disciples, it wasn’t a command only for first century Christians. It was also a command for Christians in the 21st century! Jesus-style disciple making works in every generation. We make disciples the same way today that Jesus made disciples over two thousand years ago.  Jesus-style disciple making is timeless. Disciple making in the Dominican Republic in 2019 is based on the same principles that Jesus used in first century Jerusalem.

Third, disciple making works with all people! When Jesus told His disciples to make disciples, it was a command for all disciples, not just the original disciples. Jesus wanted the concept of disciple making to be transferable to all generations. The concept of disciple making is a concept built on principles that can be handed down for thousands of generations. Disciple making in the Dominican is based on the same concepts Jesus gave to His disciples thousands of years ago. Jesus-style disciple making can be passed down to every generation from now until when Jesus comes back. The question is not whether or not the concepts will work. The question is: will we pass on Jesus’ disciple making concepts?

In my time of training with Dominican leaders in disciple making, I came away with a great sense of assurance that a movement of multiplying disciples is on the way. The Dominican leaders I spent time with have the right heart and the desire to desire to live and lead like Jesus did.

Impact Discipleship Ministries went to the Dominican Republic because we are passionate about helping make disciples of all nations. That means we are willing to help you as well. Impact Discipleship Ministries will help any person we can, any time we can, and anywhere we can. Contact us at impactdisciples.com

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