Disciple Making in the Philippines

by Dec 14, 2017

This past week, I had the opportunity to train and teach about 250 pastors and church leaders in the plan and principles of disciple making from the life of Christ. It was a great time being with these leaders and seeing what God is doing in the Philippines. Here are a few observations of disciple making in the Philippines as I reflect on my time there.

Disciple making starts with the heart! One of the most important things I observed in the Philippines was the hearts of the leaders I encountered. I met so many leaders that were wanting to lead with a “heart after God.” What these leaders may have lacked in material areas, they made up for in heart. There is nothing like being in a room with 250 leaders who want to see every person, in every nation, in every generation, be and build disciples of Christ.

Disciple making grows with more knowledge! When you spend an entire day training a group of leaders, and they “want  more,” you know something cool is happening. One of my takeaways from a week in the Philippines is how hungry the leaders in that country are for more knowledge in making disciples. No one in the training left early. Now one was checking their phone or email during the sessions. No one appeared bored or checked out during the training.

Disciple making explodes with understanding! My week in the Philippines left me with the feeling that something exciting is about to explode in that place. The Philippines is a country that is ripe for a movement of multiplication to take place. Part of the reason I believe this is the willingness of the people to share Christ’s vision, strategy, and passion. The leaders I met in this training are more concerned with the results than who gets the credit.

While speaking in the Philippines, I taught the difference between a movement of multiplication, and a movement of addition. You could see the lights come on during this illustration. In fact, I fully expect that the next time I return to the Philippines, this illustration will become a reality! I can’t wait to see what God is going to do in this country.

My time in the Philippines made me even more resolved to keep pressing on toward seeing a movement of multiplying disciples here in the United States. I am praying for God to give us leaders with the right heart, the right knowledge, and the right understanding.

If you want to join me in praying for a movement of multiplying disciples in our nation, would you be willing to join the Impact Ministries Prayer Team? If so, please let us know by signing up at https://impactdisciples.com/join-us/, and thanks for believing in disciple making.

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