Six Priorities of a Disciple Making Pastor (Continued)

by May 9, 2019

Disciple making pastors live by six major priorities. These six priorities are modeled by Jesus and the pattern for every pastor. The first three were explained in the previous post, so check them out by clicking here if you missed them. Here are the last three.

#4- Disciple making pastors lead the leaders! Clearly, Jesus was a leader of leaders. In fact, Jesus only led one generation of disciples in His movement. He only invested in the original group of disciples, and yet He has leveraged His disciple making influence for over two thousand years. This tells us that Jesus did such a good job with His original team that they became leaders of leaders. If Jesus had not leveraged His influence through that first generation of disciples so well, you would not be reading this article, and you wouldn’t know who Jesus was. Disciple making pastors make disciples that become disciple making leaders.

Key question: Are you developing disciple making leaders?

#5- Disciple making pastors lead with a plan! Jesus didn’t maintain an iPhone calendar or keep a list of goals and objectives in a journal, but I assure you, Jesus started His ministry with a clear plan. Not only did Jesus have a plan, but He worked that plan so well that in approximately three years, He set in motion a movement that has continued for over two thousand years and has spread thousands of miles from where it began. If a disciple making pastor learns anything from Jesus, it is the concept of being strategic and intentional when it comes to making disciples. In other words, have a plan and work your plan. I once heard someone say, “Success is a daily agenda.” I believe that is true, and I believe Jesus lived every day working an intentional plan to develop a handful of disciples that would continue His mission long after He was gone. Every disciple making pastor needs an annual plan that helps them become intentional only a daily basis.

Key question: Do you have an annual plan for being and building disciples?

#6- Disciple making pastors lead well! Jesus led well. He finished what He started and He didn’t crash and burn before His mission was accomplished. Jesus finished with integrity, and He did not get distracted. Jesus accomplished what He came here to do. So many pastors get sidetracked and lose their way. The enemy will do his best to get pastors so busy that they are not doing the very thing Jesus did. A pastor must resist the tempting to settle for the good rather than the best. Stay the course and finish well. Make disciples that make disciples.

Key question: What things are distracting you from accomplishing the mission of Jesus?

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