The Disciple Making Church Podcast

by Aug 24, 2022

Does the world need another podcast? Probably not, but I did do a search for “disciple making church podcasts” and the pickings are extremely slim. So the purpose of this blog is to introduce you to a new and much needed podcast on what a disciple making church looks like.

When I planted a new church thirty three years ago two things were true. First, there were very few disciple making churches to learn from and secondly, it was hard to connect with the few that did exist. Since that time, a few things remain the same and a few things have changed. The number of disciple making churches is still very small. Yes, you can find churches with “discipleship”, but there are very few churches that are disciple making churches. On the other hand, the ability to connect with the churches that are committed to disciple making is much easier. The internet and opportunities like podcasts, webinars, and learning communities have changed the level of accessibility to learn from all kinds of churches, not just disciple making churches.

The reason Impact Discipleship Ministries produces a podcast on the the Disciple Making Church is because we know how much church leaders need a place to learn from other churches. We also know that viewing or listening to a podcast is an easy way to gain valuable information in a free and convenient way. 

As a young pastor, I tried to connect with churches I could learn from as often as possible. That usually meant a cost of time and travel, if you could even get a church leader to meet with you. Books, cassettes, videos and CD’s helped back in those days, but it did not come close to actually hearing the ins and outs from a pastor that was a little further in the journey than I was.

One of the best resources I’ve had through the years is simply hearing how another church or pastor does something. Learning from other models is an invaluable resource. We need more opportunities to hear and learn what works and what does not work in other churches. The Disciple Making Church podcast will be an opportunity for pastors and church leaders to hear from a pastor and leaders with over thirty years of experience in disciple making. You can often learn as much from what did not work as you can from what did work. 

I once heard a leader say that until you had done something for at least twenty years you did not have the right to share how you did it with anyone. I understand that sentiment, and in many ways, I agree. That being said, we want to share with the greater Body of Christ what we have learned from three decades of being unapologetically committed to becoming a disciple making church. 

This podcast certainly does not mean we have arrived. Far from that. It does mean we have learned some things worth sharing. We have experienced some things from trial and error that will keep you from making some of the same mistakes we’ve made.

I hope you will join us for the next monthly episode of the Disciple Making Church. Our next episode comes out Thursday, August 25, 2022! We WILL make it available every month live on Facebook, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, and on our website. Thank you for watching, listening, and engaging with our ministry as we seek to inspire people and churches to be and build disciples of Jesus Christ.

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