Upcoming Event: The Disciple Making Summit 2021

by Nov 26, 2020

Years ago I attended a leadership conference called the Leadership Summit. It was so good that I went several years in a row! I would always walk away from that Summit thinking, “There ought to be a Disciple Making Summit.”

I kept thinking about this because I believe the best leadership comes out of discipleship. In other words, if we do a good job of developing fully trained disciples, we will always have plenty of potential leaders in our churches.

This principle comes right out of the life of Jesus. Jesus raised up a leadership team for His Church out of discipleship. After Jesus had spent three years training the twelve, He knew exactly what He was getting when He designated this team as His “apostles.” These men had been with Jesus and He had developed them to be future leaders of His mission and movement.

Churches today need to follow this same model for leadership development. Discipleship is where potential leaders are developed! If potential leaders do not become fully trained disciples, those individuals should not be appointed as leaders. Once a disciple is developed into a leader, then you can provide leadership training to help them continue growing.

I am excited to announce that Impact Discipleship Ministries in partnership with Crossroads Church is finally launching the first Disciple Making Summit in January of 2021. This conference will be a venue that is committed to championing the Great Commandment and Great Commission of Jesus Christ. The Summit will focus on the very thing Jesus came to do and called us to do in Matthew 28:19: “…make disciples.” The Disciple Making Summit will give disciple makers, pastors, and church leaders a chance to come together and cast a vision for what it means to live a legacy of multiplying your life through the concept of disciple making. My hope is that this two-day event weekend will leave you inspired and committed to starting a movement of multiplication in your own church. I will share more details about the Summit in weeks to come, but for now, – sign up!

You can register for the Disciple Making Summit (main event) here. We will also be having a Pre-Conference for the Summit that you can register for separately here. Sign up today and reserve your spot for what I hope will be a great time of fellowship, equipping, and inspiration.

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